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June 2015

8 look-at-me tricks a writer should use
No one likes a show off but oh how we love the ones who put on a good show…...
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Are chapter titles divine inspiration or a reader distraction?
As we attempt to get our head around the first 10 pages, chapter titles are the last thing on our mind, no?...
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Essential Character Traits for your novel
5 writing gifts to give characters in your book
Don't let your character leave home without them....
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8 must-dos: creating an unforgettable character in fiction
We all have our unforgettable ones – those characters who marched into our life…...
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Bore the reader, kill the book
We're told that if we want to lose weight, we need to eat less and move more. ...
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Create a killer character in fiction and assassinate the stereotype
It's a generic wedding photo that features the bride and groom. One, however, is an undercover assassin…...
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So you think you can write?
The power to enthrall and captivate an audience takes discipline…...
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Make a connection with your reader within the first 10 pages
How do we really connect with other people?...
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How to wow a literary agent and polish the submission process
Are literary agents missing out on the whole publishing process as more and more…...
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Map out the landscape of the first 10 pages
You need to establish where the action is taking place within the first 10 pages…...
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Struggling to write the first 10 pages?
Getting started is the hardest part. Our brain is brimming with ideas…...
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The one-sentence pitch
You've got to pitch perfectly if you want to attract a literary agent's attention....
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Look around you, it’s beautiful. Inspiration for the first 10 pages
Fingers on keyboard, eyes straight ahead, type, write, delete, repeat....
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