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July 2015

12 good reasons people want to read your book
People read books for different reasons. Pick a good one. Make someone happy. ...
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You won’t be able to take your eyes off these 10 first sentences
And it's not the ones you think....
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15 timeless books from the Seventies that will never lose their literary lustre
The Seventies fashion trend has gathered no moss throughout 2015, steamrolling stylishly through stores…...
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“Devastation leads to writing very good things.” Stevie Nicks
Rock on gold-dust woman, write from the heart and the reader will feel something. ...
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6 ways to make your book more like a giraffe
What's the weather like up there?...
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7 ways to beat parrot-fashion writing
Is your book suffering from parrot-fashion syndrome? ...
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10 ways to act more like a writer
This is the performance of a lifetime. Start acting like a writer and reap the rewards...
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9 awesome reminders about your imagination
If you can think it, you can write it. Bring on the dragons…...
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7 dos and don’ts about genre
Nail the genre, rule the world...
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