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November 2015

Oops! Literary agent and “pitch” ignites YA backlash
The YA community is a warm and welcoming one – but don't cross them. Think before you pitch ...
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5 reasons not to give up writing
Who would be a writer? You write. You edit. You pitch. You deal with rejection. You might land a publishing...
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Write down that awesome idea before you forget it #books #fiction #storytelling #instabooks #amwriting #ideas #creative
15 writing rules from kick-ass writers
Learn from the best and unleash the creative beast inside you with a little help from our fiction-writing f...
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Day 10: how to beat #NaNoWriMo fatigue
Let sleeping dogs lie unless there are 50,000 words to write in a short space of time. Last year I had writ...
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Some tips from the NaNoWriMo camp
The start date is almost here. As soon as the dust settles on Halloween, put your broomsticks away and star...
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