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The first 10 pages will make or break a writer’s reputation

We are writers who love to spread the word. We want other writers to sell books and be successful.

So we started TF10P to share writing advice, quotes, inspiration and book recommendations with other like-minded people who are writing a book or reading one.

Writing a book is a challenge but not an impossible one. Start as you mean to go on – strong, confident and intriguing.

According to Syd Field, author of Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting: “The first 10 pages [of your screenplay] are absolutely the most crucial.”

It’s good advice often overlooked, so much so we felt the need to write about it. Thousands and thousands of would-be great books are denied bestseller status because the reader wasn’t wowed from the start.

The first 10 pages will make or break a writer’s reputation. No one is going to hang around in the hope that the pace might pick up or the main character will get a life.

The writer has to grab the reader on page one, hurl them into the drama/action and promise unforgettable, great escapism within a 10-minute timeframe.

Simple? No, but you don’t have a choice: you were born to write.

Write, character, action. Words are not enough. The reader has to feel something

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