Bore the reader, kill the book

We’re told that if we want to lose weight, we need to eat less and move more. In theory, the same mindset could be applied to our first 10 pages. We need less descriptions and more action.

The story that doesn’t “move more” will bore the reader and kill the book. Dead, over, buried with a bad review written on its tombstone.

But we like chocolate and we love words. Temptation makes fools out of all the writers. We can’t help ourselves when it comes to metaphors and similes and swirling, whirling-dervish descriptions that set scenes and create characters. Giving into temptation will happen, it’s just best not to happen right at the start of the book.

7 to remember in the first 10 pages

1 Introduce your character, don’t fawn over him/her.

2 Nothing and no one should be written about unless crucial to the plot.

3 Don’t describe the tree unless someone is hanging from it.

4 Questions don’t need to be answered all at once.

5 Pick a genre and stick to it.

6 Include action; it speaks louder than words.

7 Keep moving, keep moving, keep moving.

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