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5 reasons why you need CHEMISTRY between characters
Electrostatic attraction between ions is a powerful force as is the connection between people. Do the chara...
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Writing about unforgettable characters
We all have sides: some good, some bad...
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Advice on Writing a YA Thriller
If you’re writing about a teenage protagonist in a thriller genre, have a look at what Emma Haughton ...
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The Alexander McQueen approach to writing a book
Fashion designer and courtier Alexander McQueen could teach us a thing or two about writing a book, not jus...
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Use these writer prompts to kickstart stories
Has the writing taken a hit? Use these writer prompts to create a 2,000 word short story. Feel free to use ...
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Why you need to write more 100-word stories
Writing is not just about nailing imagination to the page, it is a learning experience. Writing demands str...
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Some tips from the NaNoWriMo camp
The start date is almost here. As soon as the dust settles on Halloween, put your broomsticks away and star...
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Why you should NEVER regret your weakest work
Our words can come back to embarrass us. We don’t realise it at the time but there will come a time...
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“Devastation leads to writing very good things.” Stevie Nicks
Rock on gold-dust woman, write from the heart and the reader will feel something. ...
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Essential Character Traits for your novel
5 writing gifts to give characters in your book
Don't let your character leave home without them....
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8 must-dos: creating an unforgettable character in fiction
We all have our unforgettable ones – those characters who marched into our life…...
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