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How to write a book

5 reasons why you need CHEMISTRY between characters
Electrostatic attraction between ions is a powerful force as is the connection between people. Do the chara...
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What’s Wrong With Your Book? 7th September 2016 – 6:30pm to 8:30pm, £35.00. You’ve finished ...
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Boring doesn’t belong in the book you are writing
How to write the book you would love to read...
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This is what Margaret Atwood has to say
Margaret Atwood's refreshing take on genre could easily be applied to writing too – not just reading...
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Your writing has to be as good as possible
No one ever has enough time. It's tempting to "rush" out a novel but will it be worth reading? Probably not...
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Day 10: how to beat #NaNoWriMo fatigue
Let sleeping dogs lie unless there are 50,000 words to write in a short space of time. Last year I had writ...
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Deadline alert! Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards
Put some final polish on those first 10 pages. It’s competition time. If you write short stories, don...
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19 over-used words that are banned in the first 10 pages
Floral-print shirts trend, words do too. Over-exposure is a turn off though. Think twice before including w...
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The first 10 pages your mother WOULDN’T read but every writer should
When bad language makes good reading...
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5 ways to make NaNoWriMo a success not just a word count
It is almost #NaNoWriMo time. Grab the reins. Ready, steady, write...
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If writing a book is a battlefield, here’s how to win
You need a thick skin and a brave heart to survive on the book-writing battlefield. Are you ready to fight ...
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Attention span! Going, going, gone…
You might want to rethink the first 10 pages of your book. There is tremendous pressure to produce engaging...
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Why you should NEVER regret your weakest work
Our words can come back to embarrass us. We don’t realise it at the time but there will come a time...
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You need these 5 formulas for the first 10 pages
The manuscript with a formula oozes confidence. Are you ready to work it out? Disclaimer: no creative vibes...
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How to write a book the beef jerky way
So you want to write a book? Then let us share the "beef jerky secret" with you. Ssshhhh don't tell anyone....
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6 ways to make your book more like a giraffe
What's the weather like up there?...
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10 ways to act more like a writer
This is the performance of a lifetime. Start acting like a writer and reap the rewards...
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