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How to write a book that sucks up the 7 deadly sins
Hey, goody two-shoes, are you ready to show us your bad side? Your book needs to get greedy...
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Boring doesn’t belong in the book you are writing
How to write the book you would love to read...
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Your writing has to be as good as possible
No one ever has enough time. It's tempting to "rush" out a novel but will it be worth reading? Probably not...
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10 rules for writing fiction
These writing tips never get old. We particularly love: Never use a verb other than "said" to carry dialogu...
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Why you need to write more 100-word stories
Writing is not just about nailing imagination to the page, it is a learning experience. Writing demands str...
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Live, experience, learn, write
If you think you’ve left it too late to write a book, think again. Watch this inspirational post from...
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5 reasons not to give up writing
Who would be a writer? You write. You edit. You pitch. You deal with rejection. You might land a publishing...
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Write down that awesome idea before you forget it #books #fiction #storytelling #instabooks #amwriting #ideas #creative
15 writing rules from kick-ass writers
Learn from the best and unleash the creative beast inside you with a little help from our fiction-writing f...
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Are your first 10 pages ready for their close-up?
Read my lips: every flaw in the first 10 pages will be illuminated, so make sure the words withstand close ...
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19 over-used words that are banned in the first 10 pages
Floral-print shirts trend, words do too. Over-exposure is a turn off though. Think twice before including w...
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The first 10 pages your mother WOULDN’T read but every writer should
When bad language makes good reading...
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You need these 5 formulas for the first 10 pages
The manuscript with a formula oozes confidence. Are you ready to work it out? Disclaimer: no creative vibes...
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How to write a book the beef jerky way
So you want to write a book? Then let us share the "beef jerky secret" with you. Ssshhhh don't tell anyone....
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15 rock-solid tips to beat writer’s block
You're stuck for words. Writer's block happens. Yeah right. Good luck with that old excuse....
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12 good reasons people want to read your book
People read books for different reasons. Pick a good one. Make someone happy. ...
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You won’t be able to take your eyes off these 10 first sentences
And it's not the ones you think....
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“Devastation leads to writing very good things.” Stevie Nicks
Rock on gold-dust woman, write from the heart and the reader will feel something. ...
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6 ways to make your book more like a giraffe
What's the weather like up there?...
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7 ways to beat parrot-fashion writing
Is your book suffering from parrot-fashion syndrome? ...
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10 ways to act more like a writer
This is the performance of a lifetime. Start acting like a writer and reap the rewards...
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