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You mean you haven’t asked him yet? For Christ sake, Thelma, is he your husband or your father?
The film script is no different from a novel. The first 10 pages must set up the story and prepare for conf...
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The first 10 pages include a cyclone, the death of a witch and a Munchkin or two
There’s nothing like a cyclone to kickstart a book into action. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz did just t...
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The reason why everyone has a book inside them is because their character arc got stuck on the way out...
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It started with a kiss, or a secret, or was it murder in a motel?
There are a million ways to begin a book. How will you begin yours?...
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“It was the day my grandmother exploded.” Good stories are like no other stories
To write successfully within the first 10 pages of your novel or film script, you need a really good ear. Y...
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Go back to the start, the place where the storytelling begins. Do your first words deserve star status?
The truth of the matter is, no one will read our book if it fails to promise that exciting times await just...
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You can do it
The first 10 pages will make or break a writer’s reputation....
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Do you follow your heart or your head when it is time to create and write?
Write about what you know about, is one of the most shared advice-bites in a writer’s life. It’...
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