How to write a book the beef jerky way

So you want to write a book? Then let us share the “beef jerky secret” with you.

Before you turn your nose up at this salted-snack scenario, fear not! It has nothing to do with consuming large amounts of lean, dried meat in order to survive the writing process.

As similes go, it has everything to do with creating a consumable product in no-fuss fashion.

Why the jerky? Readers want to devour a book. Who doesn’t adore the thrill of wolfing down an entire novel in one sitting or all through the night simply because we couldn’t put it down? We’re talking about the guzzle-in-one sort of read. Bestsellers are made of this stuff.

Beef jerky isn’t known as survival food for nothing. It’s ready-to-eat and needs no preparation. Fine dining, no, but it’s practical and high in protein. Astronauts use it as space food.

Did we mention that jerky has a long shelf life? This is what we want for our books too. No one wants to create content that disappears without a trace. Literary obscurity is not great for our ego or our bank balance.

How to beef jerky up your book:

1. Edit like you mean it

  • Jerky must be trimmed of all the fat otherwise it will spoil. Your book needs trimmed with the same dedication. Edit under the microscope to make the manuscript word perfect. No one wants a rancid read.
  • Once you have edited, hire a professional editor.

2. Package the product properly

  • Jerky is available in resealable packaging to keep it fresh. This is appealing to the consumer. Our book cover should be a stand-out effort to reassure the reader that this is a professional product that is worth purchasing.

3. Provide rich content

  • The lack of fat on jerky makes it a high-protein snack. Our bodies need protein to aid performance, like gasoline is to a car engine.
  • Rich content in a book drives plot, dialogue and character development to ensure a great reader experience.

4. No frills, please

  • Jerky might not be glamorous but it’s a practical food source. Similarly, hard graft isn’t pretty but it is worth it. Put the hours into our novel and you will soon see results.

5. Make it readily available

  • Pop into a supermarket, pub, corner shop or fuel stop and, hey presto, there’s some jerky on sale – it’s everywhere. With the same viral mindset, market your book tirelessly and passionately to get it “out there”.
  • Readers need to know about your book otherwise no one will ever buy it.

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