Make a connection with your reader within the first 10 pages
How do we really connect with other people? We interact, we communicate, we make eye contact, we sit down and listen, we chat, we gossip, we share experiencs, maybe we even have comfortable silences, sitting side by side.

[blockquote]The writer, however, has to overcome the distance between him/her and the reader because there’s not enough time in the world to meet and talk to every single person who is about to read your book[/blockquote]

The easiest way to make a connection with your reader and help them to relate to your character is to make them feel something.

Frustration, fear, doubt, love, dissatisfaction, abandonment, resentment, anger, ambition, recklessness, timidity, excitement and embarrassment are some of the familiar emotions we can all relate to in some way.

If your character experiences an emotional spike is some shape or form, your reader will tune in and compare it with their own experiences wherever possible.


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