Nerds rule when it comes to writing

The expression “nerd” has had something of a makeover in recent times. Like a beard or a bum bag/fanny pack, if something’s been around long enough, it will eventually qualify for a reinvention which, in turn, could result in hipster status.

The nerd. No longer does it mean alone or outcast as a result of socially awkward behaviour. Now, nerd is getting recognition for being slavishly devoted to detail.

Apply nerdery to writing and you will reap the results. The obsessive attention to detail and immersion in a fictitious world can make a book better.

If we drop an apostrophe into the mix, the nerd’s rules would be:

1 Know your characters. Fears, failures, first love, tea or coffee lover? Details, darling.

2 Scenes need to mean something. If nothing happens, cut it out. Relevance, please.

3 Pile on the pressure. Make your protagonist make choices. What would you do?

4 Know the backstory. Don’t get stuck in it.

5 Dialogue needs direction. The conversation needs to go places.

6 Get to the point. Too much description is a distraction.

7 Suspense is awesome. “Please tell me you didn’t…”





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