Create a killer character in fiction and assassinate the stereotype

The wedding photo features the bride and groom. One of them is an undercover assassin who will shoot and kill an eminent wedding guest before the cake is cut.

The groom looks tough and uncompromising. The blushing bride is a vision in virginal white with an adoring look plastered across her face. You know where we’re going with this…

Writers creating killer/evil characters in fiction often default to restricted descriptions such as scars, shaven heads, a certain sort of less-than-gorgeousness to suggest an ugly conscience/heart, sharp, twisted features and so on. It’s a much-loved technique championed in fairytales (good v evil) but it’s also a tired and worn-out approach as far as the reader is concerned.

Readers love surprises so ditch the stereotype, rethink the wardrobe, shake up the killer look and write down the difference.

The beautiful bride might be wearing white tulle and taffeta but her designer dress hides a thousand sins – and weaponry.

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