If you haven’t broken out in sweat over your opening sentence then maybe it’s time to rethink those all-important first words

We’re not saying first-sentence symptoms should be similar to that of a nasty tropical water-bourne disease that leaves one burning up and retching but we are serious about some sort of writhing under the covers and waking up in cold sweat. Is the opening sentence good enough?

Write fright, like stage fright, but not quite writer’s block. Write fright relates specifically to how you react to sentences, paragraphs or scenes you have written.

People often talk about writer’s block, you know, the creative moment when you hit a wall and there’s no inspiration or inclination to write another single word. It happens to every writer out there in the world and with good reason – it means the writer actually cares about what goes into the manuscript. If we didn’t care, we’d just write on regardless. There would be no block. The reason we’re not writing is because we know, deep down, that we don’t have decent enough material to work with. This too will pass.

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