Do you follow your heart or your head when it is time to create and write?

Write about what you know about, is one of the most shared advice-bites in a writer’s life. It’s true, yes. Knowledge is power and power is useful when it comes to marketing a book. Then there are dragons.

[blockquote]We write about what we know about because we are experts in that field. We know how the pieces connect, which is reassuring the reader who wants someone in control of structure, character and plot. Expert knowledge celebrates attention to detail, accurate descriptions, believable escapism and solid style and content. This doesn’t mean, however, that we are restricted to everyday life inspiration.[/blockquote]

There are dragons, dementors, mermaids, apocalyptic events, androids, time travellers, Jedi Masters and more. These are just some examples of creative greatness that would be lost to the literary world if writers didn’t challenge their imagination. Write about what you know about doesn’t mean stick to a script about the day job – it means know everything there is to know about the world you create.

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