Struggling to write the first 10 pages?

Getting started is the hardest part. Our brain is brimming with ideas, we’ve gone from concept to confrontation and resolution (and back again) and we’ve painstakingly plotted the backstory to ensure believable, credible, multi-layered characters feature in our book. Now it’s time to write.

The first 10 pages should flow, no? After all, we have the ideas and some. Yet, for some reason, it isn’t coming together, or when it does come together, it’s not enough to a publishing war at auction

At this moment, and we’ve all had these moments, it’s easy to feel frustrated and uncreative. It’s easy to call a halt to proceedings. Sure, take a break by all means, but don’t give up. Your first 10 pages are not going to be word perfect first, second, even third time around. That’s why we go through the editing processing. The trick is to keep writing and, yes, this means the good, the bad and the ugly sentences. The mindset is to never give up. Good luck!

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