Use these writer prompts to kickstart stories

Has the writing taken a hit? Use these writer prompts to create a 2,000 word short story. Feel free to use these prompts as your own. It’s time to push the stories up the hill. The hard work is worth it.


1. Oh, Paris

Marcella steps off the train in Paris but the station and streets are deserted. There is a shadow over the mid-morning sun. She is supposed to meet Marco at Le Petit Château d’Eau, their favorite cafe near the Canal Saint-Martin. Buses and taxis are not moving. No drivers or passengers are to be seen. She checks her phone. No signal. Then Marcella hears someone whisper fiercely, “Over here. Quick… QUICK!”


2. The Jump

Vivienne and her college friends meet at The Jump, an old disused pier. It’s a popular hang-out on the outskirts of town. There are 13 of them fooling around in the water as the sun goes down. Cheap wine is flowing and spirits are high. Vivienne passes out on the pier at around midnight and wakes up a few hours later to discover that four of her friends are dead. She has blood on her hands. The fight to prove her innocence starts now.



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