6 ways to make your book more like a giraffe

Just like human fingerprints, giraffe coats have a unique finish.

Pattern, shape, size and shades of cream and brown are worked across the canvas of these incredible creatures to ensure an original look.

No two giraffe have the same coat pattern. You’d need an amazing eye for detail to pick out the difference in some subspecies but the patterns are different nonetheless.


I didn’t see that one coming

Book content needs to be different.

You want the reader to think: “I didn’t see that one coming.”

You want to surprise, entertain and impress people with imagination.

When it comes to writing the first 10 pages, stick your neck out and aim to write an original gem.


6 ways to make your book stand out

1. Lead don’t follow

It’s tempting to jump on the book bandwagon. Don’t! Take a look at the top of the book charts and write the opposite.

2. Think one of a kind

Good, bad or ugly, the character you create has to be different. Who could forget Hannibal Lecter in a hurry?

3. Ask a good question

Your book needs to raise a question that hasn’t been answered before.

4. Be heard

Your writer’s “voice” is unique – no one else sounds quite like you so use it to your advantage. Accept no imitation.

5. Act like the boss

You’re in charge of the manuscript and characters – don’t let them tell you what to do.

6. Unleash the extrovert

Make your book stand out – because different is good.


Stick your neck out

It’s worth noting that, as well as striking and distinctive, the giraffe pattern is an incredible camouflage. When this mammal stands among the trees, it blends in to its natural habitat.

Regarding human behaviour, writers tend to want to blend in rather than stand out. Yes, there are extroverts but sometimes even extroverts don’t want to draw attention to themselves all the time.

When you are writing, however, you need to unleash the extrovert inside you (see writing tip no. 6).

Step away from the cover of tall trees. Make your book stand out.


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