9 awesome reminders about your imagination

Your imagination is big enough to fight with dragons.

Borrow the dragon’s trademark heat and let your imagination breathe fire into a book.

Write with heat, skill and power. Nothing is too great to be imagined. You have the power to visualise whatever you want to. This is how magic happens. This is how you write your book.

Our brain is a brilliant piece of equipment – a control network that receives, processes and interprets information. Its slick functionality is how we live, love, laugh, move, communicate.

Shame though that we tend to weigh our brain down under bricks of routine, commitments and procrastination. It’s not intentional, life just happens like that.

Think back. Children listen to stories and effortlessly visualise the people, places and action in their heads. Fairytales, giants, dragons, talking sharks, dancing tigers, nothing is off limits. In a child’s world, if they can picture it, they can make it plausible. They act out visualised fun through play and performance – and have a brilliant time doing so.

The expression: “You’re letting your imagination run away with you,” is essentially a cautionary one. It warns us that too much imagination will do us harm because we’re embracing bigger, bolder, beautifully bizarre thoughts that exist outside the realm of real life. The concern is: if you let your imagination run away with you, who knows where you’ll end up?

This is precisely why we should take off on a road trip with our imagination. Sounds exciting. Readers would agree.

So if you’re thinking about writing a book, now is the right time to do it.


1 Your imagination is observant
It knows what your characters look like. Make notes right down to the last detail.

2 Your imagination is fearless
It will take you places you were too scared to go. Write down what you see.

3 Your imagination needs inspiration
Go places, read books, watch movies, listen to music, observe people.

4 Your imagination loves exercise
The more you use your imagination, the more powerful it becomes. Write every day.

5 Your imagination likes the smell of cut grass
Or maybe the smell of rain falling on hot pavements, fresh toast, coffee, caramel? Whatever evokes the senses can trigger the imagination.

6 Your imagination is curious
Its favourite conversation-starter is: “What if…” The creative potential is limitless.

7 Your imagination is impatient
It wants you to make up incredible, original, memorable stories and write them down now. Right now. You can write a book. You’ve got the greatest gift of all – an imagination. So use it.

8 Your imagination needs attention
Indulge your imaginative side. Surround it with like-minded people who are dreamers, too.

9 Your imagination is ambitious
The more you allow yourself to imagine, the greater your literary achievements will be. Hello, world.

Go on, do it. Let your imagination go, run wild, and see where it takes you. You destination, of course, depends entirely on genre. Thriller, comedy, romance, science fiction or horror, to name but a few, are the many places you can go. It might be frightening, hysterical, paranormal or emotional but it most definitely won’t be dull.

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