7 ways to beat parrot-fashion writing

Is your book beautiful to look at but speaks without thinking?

The term “parrot-fashion” (adverb) means copying or repeating what someone says without thinking about it or understanding it properly.

This can also happen in writing but you can avoid making this mistake.

Content needs to be free from repetitive ideas and too much chatter.

Every sentence that features in your book has to be relevant. Everyone who features in your book must be there for a reason. Here’s how to shake your tail feather in writing:

7 ways to write smarter

1. Be true to theme
What message will the reader take away from your book?

2. Listen to every word
It’s not enough to write words and sentences, it has to make sense.

3. Strip back to basics
Write the synopsis in 200 words. Is it still desirable without the “diamonds”?

4. Think it through
Does the plot make sense?

5. Shine the spotlight
Close attention to detail will highlight storyline and character-arc flaws.

6. Be original
Copying or repeating is not creative.

7. Don’t forget that pretty fades
Writing glossy prose looks good in the moment but great storytelling lasts forever.



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