10 ways to act more like a writer

You can sit down and start to write a book. It doesn’t mean you will finish it.

Writing doesn’t have to be a 9-5 occupation or a sitting-at-your-desk situation. You can be a writer even when you don’t write full-time.

To be or not to be. The question is how much do you want it?

TF10P ways to act more like a writer

1. Stop comparing yourself to other writers

You might not be as talented as some people but you’re also more talented than others.

2. Start out with realistic expectations

Your first 10 pages might be be awful. You’ll do something about that – rewrite and edit.

3. Stop making excuses

You’re a writer, so write. There’s no such thing as writer’s block.

4. Start thinking like a writer

You will need to pitch and promote this book. How marketable is it? Write with this in mind.

5. Stop doubting

The “can’t-do” attitude is contagious and will riddle your work with insecurities. If you think you can’t finish a book, you probably won’t.

6. Start polishing your act

The more you write, the more those sentences will shine.

 7. Stop looking for ways to fail

It’s easier to give up than to sit down and write a book. That’s why you need to believe you can do it.

8. Start organised

Plot, plan, write with precision.

9. Stop scribbling

Scribbling down ideas can lead to endless scribbling (procrastination) and not enough writing. Be disciplined when it comes to pulling the plot together.

10. Start to win

Know where your ending is and sprint there as fast as you can. Repeat after me: “I’m a writer and I am going to finish this book.”

Just remember, this is not the time to have a blush-and-bashful attitude about writing a book. Bring some serious commitment and faithfulness to your storytelling. Tell people, “I’m writing a book.” It sounds so much better when you say it out loud. It sounds possible. It is.


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